For those interested in comparing the sizes of each Harvest Honeycomb Pendant, here is a reference.

Pictured here with the 8″ Tall Candle.

Pictured below with the 5″ Candle.


Last week we released our first product and we thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm for the first of the Harvest packages.

This coming Friday we will be unveiling a second Harvest Package. Please follow the Hammer & Light facebook page here for the announcement.

With each product we list, there will be a corresponding blog post here to show additional photos and give a background behind our inspiration and design. Please comment with your feedback anytime.


Introducing the first of the Harvest Gifts.

This gift comes packaged beautifully to give as a gift, or to treat yourself.

About the Concept

The Harvest gifts reflect upon gathering after the journey, coming back to the hive with one’s bounty. The hand-drizzled beeswax candle represents the hearth; the inner peace of being home again. The honeycomb pendant is a nod to the natural structure and efficiency of the honey bee, which inspired our imaginations for creating this gift.

About the Candle

The candle is eight inches tall and is hand-drizzled using a unique process of cooling wax to different temperatures and drizzling the wax one drip at a time, as a flame itself would cause due to flickering and movement in the space where it would burn. Beeswax purifies the air around it when burned, and thus makes an excellent candle to burn in the colder months when windows cannot be opened to allow fresh air to circulate. It is a long, slow burning wax due to the high melt point and the wick is 100% braided cotton, which allows a slow even and clean burn. The candle is 100% pure beeswax and the fragrance comes from the honey and the flowers visited by the bees in the hive. If you’ve never tried beeswax candles, now is the time.

About the Pendant

This package comes with the Large Honeycomb Pendant. You may order either Sterling Silver or Gold Plated. Dimensions: pendant measures approx. 3.5 cm X 2 cm, and hangs from an 18″ sterling or gold plated cable chain.

About the Packaging

We use no plastic in our packages. The boxes for the candle and the pendant are natural kraft cardboard, and 100% recyclable, tied with hemp twine. All tied up with a beautiful laser-burned wood tag made for Hammer & Light on reclaimed birch wood in the Pacific Northwest. We have chosen the details of our packaging to be beautiful enough to give as a gift, while keeping with environmentally friendly and naturally beautiful materials and practices.

We will be revealing a second Harvest Gift on October 27th. Please follow us on facebook for announcements and product releases.

The Seasons Collection brings together elements of transition from season to season.

Nature provides experiences via the senses. We have selected a path from one season to the next that follows the winds through the windows, and skitters along the blooms or bare branches. We invite you along.

Our first Concept Collection: The Seasons beginning in the Fall of 2011 with “Harvest”.


Hammer & Light is the combined concept of Tiny Armour Jewelry designer Angi Glenn and M Design Boutique artisan Melissa Machowski.

We create simply beautiful collections around concepts dear to our hearts, minds and souls. We find inspiration in nature, history and lore from around the world, and in our own back yards.

Please follow our blog to learn about new product releases, the concepts behind each collection and product, and more.

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